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le Grand Pressigny, 37350, Indre-et-Loire, France

15 April 2012

Barrou - Tree & Hedge Planting

We were recommended to a couple who asked us to plant 250 bare-rooted charmille saplings & 11 established trees including oaks, peach, catalpa, eucalyptus.

We were asked to return & plant a further mixed hedge within the same short planting season in winter 2011/12. i.e. when it is not too dry, too wet when the clay turns to gloop or too cold & frozen. The hedge comprised 5 different plants in a planned format to achieve a random effect.

We have been back to this garden since the Spring has arrived to install the 'everedge' metal flower bed edger, to rejuvenate existing flower beds, to prune roses, grape vines & trumpet vines and to overhaul, & seed a previously planted bank with grass.

Photos with permission to follow.

01 April 2012

le Grand-Pressigny - rejuvenation of a village centre garden & courtyard dining 'room'

BEFORE in Autumn 2011

We weeded all existing beds, added compost, over 350 bulbs & perennials including papaver, achillea, verbena, echinops, gaura & more for more colour throughout coming years.

The existing potager was turned over for next years veg & we added lots more compost.

The existing climbing roses, clematis & honey-suckle were pruned to encourage lateral growth back onto their supports.

Photos to follow of our Spring 2012 visits - more perennials & compost added, annual seed & plants. Further pruning & tieing in of climbing plants & and an existing outgrown sandpit is being turned into a fruit & veg bed for the junior residents :D