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le Grand Pressigny, 37350, Indre-et-Loire, France

31 October 2009

Recent achievements...

Mr et Mme Alex Crawford
2009 'Paysager en environment' - 2eme prix
du Grand Pressigny
Mme Nicole Crawford
2008 'Maison Fleurie' - 1er prix
Comice Agricole de l'Arrondissement de Loches
Mr et Mme Alex Crawford
2008 'Paysager en environnement' - 2eme prix
du Grand Pressigny

28 October 2009

Renovation of garden walls - le Grand Pressigny

Before - courtyard boundary wall with no remaining pointing/mortar, showing increasing signs of wear and tear with each winter...

Using chaux enduit, a new wall cap was formed to match the original pierre end stones and wall re-built at entrance.

The rest of the wall face was repaired with 'pierre apparent' finish. Oct 2009

12 October 2009

Renovation of garden wall with a pierre apparent finish - le Grand Pressigny

The garden wall which surrounds the courtyard had lost all its pointing mortar over the
The result is a wall which becomes progressively more unstable as stones fall out, animals,
weeds & insects move in and the movement caused by adjacent tree roots do their worst!
By repairing the render finish in the traditional manner using a lime based chaux mortar, which is applied leaving the outer stones showing - 'pierre apparent', the wall looks better & is in a better condition to last a good number of years to come.