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05 February 2011

Les Limornieres - Winter projects

We have a list of jobs that need doing every year in Winter at les Limornieres to keep the garden resembling one rather than a jungle.

We have another list of things we dream up each year which we would like to do if time & money allows to improve the place for us & for our guests staying in the gites - more places to sit, more places to play, more shade..

And then there are those projects which somehow sneak to the top of the list because you stumble on a great find & motivation for constructing it is greater than more of the annual weeding & chopping back :-)

This week, we acquired a rusty metal tunnel frame...we saw it, we liked it, and thought we would worry about when and where it would go another day....perhaps it would even suit a clients garden..

We got it home and decided immediately it was going to live on our potager/veg garden.

So this morning found us digging a trench either side of our 'big veg beds' and adding a wooden edge, then the arch was bolted together by Alex et voila!
Whilst prior planning and design is what we are all advised to do with our gardens, it is much more fun making it up as we go along :D I think the expression is that is has 'evolved'...

The path between the two beds makes much more sense now, it will provide a much more stable growing frame for our beans and some annual flowers too and will make the path to the chicken run all the more grand too!
We acquired a pair of enthusiastic helpers this morning too..holes were dug and shrubs were planted - will help enclose the play area a bit more...keeping them in or out... :D