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20 September 2010

Restoring hedge - Mouzay

Before. Phase I
Asked to reduce height of Privett hedge to gain view across fields and encourage new growth to dead looking gappy bottom of ground level to 50-80cm.

We have a good 1-2 years for the hedge to be in best state as the property is just coming to the end of being a building site. We are going to be working on other areas of the garden itself to help get it in shape to match its new home in the coming months.

As the privett hedge is providing a screen for the ongoing 'works' for the timebeing we decide to cut down the inside shade side of the hedge to 15-20cm below the desired hedge height during the first sign of a week of damp and rain.

We will be back after the last of the hard winter (dry, NE winds and -18 degs C last year so playing it a bit safe ;D). Our next step will be to cut down the outer side of the hedge and give it all a good load of organic matter at its feet to encourage a vigorous growth in the Spring next year. We plan to trim the new growth to desired height and depth next autumn.

Next...'Flowers' - Mouzay

We have been asked to make a plan to improve the view of the mound of earth that is the very necessary fosse filter bed...'flowers' and a better view is the only request, no deep penetrating roots is the consideration we have to think about.... ;D
The satellite dish is being moved elsewhere..we have suggested a small area of deck to cover the actual concrete septic tank (fosse) whilst still allowing access for maintenance (and perhaps a morning coffee or evening apero spot :D). The deck will also provide a step off the veranda and into the garden via a cut grass path.
We are planning to plant the 'mound' with perrennials & annuals which happily self-seed in this region. Plants such as Alliums, achilleas, verbena, calendula & grasses...and mixing in a cut grass path and grass circle on the top off the sun trap mound, this area will provide a great flower filled view from the kitchen from April-Oct.
Maintenance: the seed heads can be left all winter or strimmed off for a tidier result - or all strimmed early spring before all the new growth starts growing again.
We will be back with more photo's and progress report in Nov.